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Executive Partner

Dr/ Salah Mohamed Ibrahim (Nickname: Dr/ Salah El-Sharkawy)

The executive Partner of House Consultative experience firm Dr / Salah El-Sharkawy & CO. (Certified Public Accountants & Auditors – Consultants) Established Since 1991

Professional qualifications:

- Bachelors in Commerce, Accounting Major, Ein Shams University , Egypt (1985)

- Diploma in Cost Accounting from Ein shams University, Egypt (1995)

- Master's Degree in Managerial Accounting from Newcastle University – Washington (2009)

- PhD in Auditing & Accounting From Newcastle University – Washington (2011)

- Certified Public Accountant Since 1990 (#8822), Certified Auditor Joint Stock Holder Companies Since 1995 (SAE)

- Fellow of British CPAA #22237912 A

- Member of ESAA

- Fellow of the Egyptian Tax Association

- Fellow of the Egyptian Public financial and Tax Association

- Fellow of the Association of Arab Accountants

- Certified Auditor for joint Companies - The central auditing agency (#1165)

- Registered Auditor at CMA (#320)

- Registered As certified Auditor for Insurance Companies, Finance lease, Mortgage, Mutual Funds Portfolios, Securities (#320)

- Registered At the Central Bank of Egypt Auditors(#389)

- Certified Receiver, valuator Bankruptcy Of Corporation from Ministry of Finance

- Registered Realtor at Mortgage Agency (#207)

- Financial and Managerial Consultant at The Industrial Modernization center (#259)

- Advanced Academic Studies in preparing budgeted planning & financial analysis

- Advanced Academic Studies In Projects Evaluation & Feasibility Studies

- Cooperative partner with the Arabian consultancy league

- Practitioner partner & member of the board at Echo Finance for financial & securities consultancy And sponsor at Nile Stock market for small and middle business

- Financial managerial Consultant For Some Accounting & Auditing offices at Saudi Arabia And United Arab of Emirates

- Financial managerial Consultant For Some Firms And Corporation At Saudi Arabia And United Arab of Emirates