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About Us

Success always starts from an idea, a definite goal and a clear strategy and view to detect the future, all with the help of God.

Our dedication to the investor begins from the birth of the idea till obtaining financial revenues, passing by the operation and activities practices stages and procedures.

I started working in 1991 in a room at a common headquarter with one of my clients in Heliopolis- Cairo area. I used to work 16 hours daily.

God granted the efforts produced a logic development. A number of success partners (office clients) joined the House. Growth reached more than 20% in some years with a diversification in type of businesses and client activities operated by the House. As of the date of 2015 issue our number of clients has reached 150 clients.

I have given a lot of efforts to gather a harmonious, strong and qualified team work to operate in the different fields (legal auditing - taxes - company incorporation and consultancies). With the conscious management of the founder and the executive partner and the faithful help of the House manager, all producing and still are producing great efforts, we have reached idealistic rates in standards, law and procedures application to the jobs appointed to us.

To reach such rates, the House offers continuous training and education to the team work to keep up with the fast professional and business developments.

Within the 10 past years, the House has signed a number of agreements with professional offices in Egypt and abroad to cover all investor's needs.

In 2015, these efforts resulted in obtaining membership in one of the ten worldwide classified House in legal auditing and taxes field: INPACT International Ltd.

Due to this trust and increased responsibility, me and all my office colleagues shall provide more efforts and look for more education and training in order to apply the professional quality standards required by INPACT International Ltd organization and continuous success when serving our clients, whom are the main concern of each team in Consultancy Expertise House.We hope this will help us in providing international high quality services and supports inside Egypt and abroad through the offices of INPACT International Ltd throughout 150 affiliates located in 65 countries around the world.

At the end of this message I would like to thank every person helping in the success and development of the office, especially my clients and real partners that I honor and serve by providing them with the required services and consultancies. I would like, also, to thank my actual team work and everyone else who worked previously with us. I thank my family who stands up beside me and bear my absorption and engagement in work. Finally I thank God and wish He will always be our support for success.

Executive Partner
Dr. Salah Al –Sharkawy